Monday, June 15, 2009

A variety of suggestions for finding your lost cat

These suggestions were collected from various sources, so there's some duplication. Also, don't forget to read the general search tips in the April 20th post below.

Look at the other blog entries for suggestions on finding lost pets and their owners.

Make sure you know how to describe your cat on your flyers. Check your color description at

You may want to put a can of warmed up tuna on your front step as well as his/her food and water. This may bring your cat out of hiding. Also, be sure to put up signs everywhere (your neighborhood, the surrounding neighborhoods, vet offices, pet stores, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.) with your cat's picture if possible or a good description, a good contact number, and a reward if one is being offered. The important thing is to get the word out everywhere. Also be sure to check with your local and surrounding animal shelters every other day.

If you know the general vicinity of where your cat may be, you may want to borrow a live animal trap from your local animal control. When you get the trap, you can put the warmed up can of tuna in there at the opposite end of where the door is. When your cat goes into eat it, the door will automatically close behind him/her. Be sure to keep an eye on the trap at all times (at a distance) in case of predators, the heat, bad-intentioned people, catching another animal by mistake, etc.

Also be sure to check your house inside and out as well as around your neighbors' houses in case he/she got trapped somewhere. Ask your neighbors to check their garages, sheds, under their decks, etc., as many cats have been known to get trapped in garages, sheds, etc. Recently, "missing" cats have been found sleeping under the owner's bed, locked in a closet, and napping in the basement.

Don't give up. Look under brush and treed areas within 1 mile. She may be trapped and can't get home. She's probably trapped, esp. if wearing a non-break away collar or flea collar. Believe me, she is closer than you think!!!!!

Also, a good Samaritan may have picked her up and transported her to their local shelter, which may be in surrounding counties! Visit all surrounding shelters for weeks, even months!

Check all nearby house renovations, broken windows or doors that she could have run into and then gotten stuck in behind by mistake to stay warm and dry (or if scared). She may be nearby (even trapped in your own house) but is scared and you can't hear her as well. This happened to me. He went into a broken window in the row house next door (into the basement boiler room) and the door was shut behind him.

Put his/her litterbox outside. If they are indoor cats and not used to or have never been outside, it is easy for them to get lost; however, they can smell very well, and it has been known to bring a lost kitty home.

It is always breeding season, and if your non-fixed cat has gotten out, they can and will travel for days and miles to breed. You might have to increase your search radius.

Please don't forget to read the general search tips - it's extremely important that you contact the shelter (and follow other search tips) as soon as possible: